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There are now a variety of LED car bulbs available in several colours and certain replacements are available for each type of fitting.

Some cars (especially the newer style) are fitted with Canbus wiring systems that recognise when the resistance in the line is less than it should be as a result of a bulb blowing. This means that as LED bulbs in general operate at less than 1w they trigger this annoying alarm and display on the dashboard!

This is easily resolved by adding an LED resistor pack or by buying one of our range of Canbus ready LED bulbs that have these resistors incorparated into the bulb, meaning that you do not need to buy additional kits.

All LED car Bulbs use less power and offer a brighter light but you do need to be aware of the following:

Some of the bulbs are slightly bigger than there normal counterpart and may not fit in the appropriate space
Some bulbs rely on reflectors to distribute the light - make sure that your LED bulb will direct the light the correct way. (360 degree bulbs are now available for most fittings)
LED bulbs last much longer than normal bulbs and are greener as they use less power.

Please contact the Sales Team if you have any queries on 01527 908676
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