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PCB Dashboard Bulbs are available in packs of 1, 2 & 10.

These high quality PCB (Printed Circuit Board) bulbs are available in 12v and also in 24v (please ask for details). There are also some 14v PCB bulbs.

Most PCB or dashboard bulbs are preceded by a 286 number and then identifying letters (eg 286TV)

They are also available as a handy Workshop or trade assorted pack, click here for details

PCB Bulbs are usually identified by the small plastic fitting that surrounds the bulb and are either a push in or twist type fit.

Different colour bases help to identify the different ratings or fittings available. Please contact our Sales team on 01527 908676 if you require any additional information or help in identifying your bulb. Unfortunately there are no additional references relating to specific car types for PCB or dashboard bulbs so the best time to call is when you have a picture or the "old" bulb with you!

All of our PCB and Dashboard bulbs (together with all of our products) are available with Free delivery and immediate despatch from our large stocks.
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