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A wide range of upgrade headlight bulbs are available in most fittings including:

Osram Night Breaker Unlimited +90%
GE Megabright Ultra - newest 120% BUlbs on Market - Click HERE for details
Osram Night Breaker PLUS 90% Brighter & Longer Life - Click HERE for details
Philips X-Treme Vision 130% brighter - Click HERE for details
Ring Xenon Ultima 120% Brighter - Click HERE for details
XP Range - heavy duty longer lasting replacement bulbs
Cobalt Blue - A distinctive blue/white light giving a high performing beam
Performance Plus - Offering 50% more light with a Xenon gas content in each bulb
Powerwhite - A filter on the glass gives a brilliant white light where pure white is required, including Xenon gas for high performance
High Wattage - A selection of higher wattage bulbs producing a brighter beam where required for off road purposes
High Wattage Blue Plus - As above with a blue colour to each bulb, also for off road use

** Off road bulbs - if you require more information then please just call the Sales Team on 01527 908676 **

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