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239 LED Extreme White Canbus 12v Festoon Car Bulb (11mm x 38mm)

This LED 239 festoon car bulb, rated at 12v is an ideal upgrade for cars requiring brighter light and is usually used for interior or number plate lighting. This is a HIGH POWER LED car bulb with the new SMD technology providing a crisper cleaner  and brighter light - Canbus ready!

These 239 LED 12v Car Bulbs are only Available in Bright White

These bulbs are sold individually or as a pair.
They are rated at 12v
They measure 17mm x 38mm (long)

239 LED bulbs are also available in a variety of colours and a different style LED, see HERE for details.

These bulbs are suitable for all cars and especially for those fitted with the canbus system warning when a bulb has gone. NEEDS NO RESISTORS
239 LED Extreme White CANBUS SMD Bulbs
LED239X Extreme White CANBUS Single   £ 7.95
LED239X Extreme White CANBUS Pair   £ 14.95
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