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This 3156A R181 Amber 12v 27w PY 27 Car Bulb is used on American models and especially the new Chrysler models available in the UK

This 3156A R181 Amber Car Bulb has a variety of applications including indicators and has a single filament rated at 27w

Bulbs can be purchased singley, in pairs or as a trade pack of 10.

This bulb is also available with clear glass HERE

3156 Schematic diagram of 12v 21w Car Bulb
3156A R181 Amber Car Bulb - 12V 27W W2.5x16Q PCB
3156A Amber 12V 27W Single Bulb   £ 3.75
3156A Amber 12V 27W Pack Of Two Bulbs   £ 6.75
3156A Amber 12V 27W Trade Pack Of 10 Bulbs   £ 17.95
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