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LED380 Canbus Bulbs With 360 degree of light including 27 of the latest BIGGER SMD bulbs

Canbus bulbs are designed to allow their use in the modern cars that recognise bulb failures using a canbus system.

LED Canbus Bulb Warning System For Car Bulbs


This unconventional LED bulb is designed to make maximum use of your cars reflectors and make these 380LED canbus ready bulbs one of the brightest around.

This style of bulb is available in WHITE and RED, please order the colour you would like from the choice on the right of the page.

Standard fitting to replace an ordinary 380 (21/5w)  BAY15D twin filament bulb - the bulb itself is a similar size to a standard bulb and but only measures

20mm across the top
30mm from the top of the bulb to the top of the base
50mm from the top of the bulb to the tip of the fitting

These bulbs are ideal for stop/tail brake light applications

380 Car Bulb Diagram


  • Ultra bright in White & Red
  • Immediate response on/off
  • 50,000 hour bulb life
  • Requires less than 1 Watt power
  • Vibration resistant & needs NO RESISTORS as they are built in to fool the canbus system on your car!

380 LED Canbus 360 Degrees Bulbs - No Resistors!
LED380CANBUS 27 SMD RED LED Bulbs Pack of 2   £ 26.95
LED380CANBUS 27 SMD WHITE LED Bulbs Pack of 2   £ 26.95
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