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380W 12v 21/5w Capless Wedge Bulb (7443)

These twin filament 380W bulbs are standard car bulbs that can be used to replace blown or failed 380W bulbs. These are 12v 21/5w capless, and have underrgone stringent testing and are completely legal on UK roads. These 380W car bulbs are also completely safe to use in vehicles with plastic light lenses.


Standard replacement 380W Bulbs
High quality at competitive prices
Safe to use with plastic lenses
380W Bulbs rated at 12v 21/5w
Sold in pairs and only available in clear glass

LED versions of this style of 380W car bulb are available as 7443 LED and 7443 LED Extreme White

380W Capless Car bulb 12v 21w
380w 12v 21-5w Capless Wedge Bulb (7443)
380W pair   £ 6.95
380W Trade Pack Of 10 Bulbs   £ 11.50
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