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382 LED bulbs 21w with 24 LED BULBS - Also 382Y

The 382 bulb 21w is most commonly used for indicator, side and rear lights and some rear fogs.

the yellow (amber) version is used as a 382Y fitting for amber bulbs with straight pins.

382Y 12v LED Car Bulbs Schematic


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Some benefits of the new LED Bulb technology are:
Immediate response on/off
50,000 hour bulb life
Only 1 Watt power
Vibration resistant
Available in a range of colours to add style
Available in all common bulb sizes

These bulbs are sold AS A PAIR.
In newer vehicles, because the wattage of the LED bulbs is so low the engine management system may say that the bulb has gone, the bulb may flash quickly or maybe not flash at all!
This can be easily fixed with a resistor kit that can be seen HERE
382 -382Y LED Bulbs
Yellow LED 382 Bulbs (Pair)   £ 12.95
White LED 382 Bulbs (Pair)   £ 12.95
Red LED 382 Bulbs (Pair)   £ 12.95
Blue LED 382 Bulbs (Pair)   £ 12.95
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