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H7 499 55w Xenon Car Bulb. This bulb is a direct replacement. The H7 Xenon bulb offer a brighter xenon light to your car headlight than a standard halogen bulb, the xenon gas filled bulbs are designed with a filter on the glass to give you a high performance bright white light.

KEY Features:

*Upgrade to a Xenon Bulb will give you a crisp white light

*Direct replacement for a standard halogen bulb

*E1 marked and TUV approved

*UV protected glass to block UV rays which can damage or discolour plastic lenses

*H7 (499) Xenon bulbs are rated at 12v 55w






H7 499 55w Xenon Car Bulb
499 H7 Xenon (single)   £ 5.95
499 H7 Xenon (pair)   £ 9.95
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