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These bright white LED 501 (W5W) bulbs have been speciallly designed to work in ALL types of cars including those with the canbus wiring system and incorparting "bulb failure" warning systems.

The bulb works both front and forward facing with a 360 degree look.

Common indications of this issue with LED bulbs including intermittent working or flickering, fast flashing or not working at all - as well as the display on your dashboard! This is because LED car bulbs use such low power (less than 1w in most cases) that the car can not feel any resistance in the cuircuit and thinks that the bulbs have blown - hence the warning on the dash display. These bulbs have been designed with built in circuitry that fools the onboard computer that the bulb is now working.

501 Front And Forward Facing Canbus Ready
501 Canbus Ready Front and Forward Facing (pair)White   £ 19.95
501 Canbus Ready Front and Forward Facing (pair)Blue   £ 19.95
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