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These quality LED501W5 Bulbs are the latest generation in super bright LED sidelights technology, giving an extremely bright and powerful light. The pure super bright light from these 501 LED bulbs makes them the perfect choice when upgrading your standard sidelight bulbs. The additional SMD units on the face of each bulb allows an even brighter light.

These Super Bright LED501W5 (W5W) 501 LED bulbs will emit a crisp and clear super bright light to give your car sidelights the full Xenon light look, which compliments perfectly either Upgrade Headlight Xenon Bulbs or HID Xenon Conversion kits. These LED sidelights are also extremely long life, up to 50,000 hours in most cases. All LED sidelight bulbs are sold as off road and show use only.

Available in Blue & Bright White, just select which colour you would like from the box on the right.

  • (W5W) 501 LED Sidelight Bulbs (Pure White) utilising the latest LED chip technology
  • Direct replacement for standard 501 bulbs
  • Gives your car sidelights the full Xenon look
  • Vibration resistant, Extremely long life - lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Available in Blue & Bright White bulbs 
  • (W5W) 501 LED Sidelight Bulbs are rated at 12V/1W
  • Off road and show use only

Like all LED sidelight bulbs these white 501 LED bulbs operate at a much lower wattage, and so draw considerably less power than ordinary 501 bulbs. In some very modern vehicles, this can trigger either a bulb failure message on the dashboard, or cause these LED bulbs to flash intermittently or not work at all. This is not a fault with the bulb it is merely the sophisticated vehicle electronics interpreting the low wattage drain as a blown bulb.

If you experience this bulb failure trigger it can be easily be resolved by installing an easy to fit LED Bulb Resistor Kit, which connects in parallel to the bulb holder.

LED 501 (W5W) 12v - 1 Layer Super Bright
LED501W5 (BLUE) Blister Pack Of Two Bulbs   £ 11.95
LED501W5 (WHITE) Blister Pack Of Two Bulbs   £ 11.95
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