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These LED 581 indicator bulbs are top quality and each bulb has 19 LED indicator bulbs .

These 581 LED bulbs are direct replacements for normal amber indicator bulbs, if however you are looking to install aftermarket upgrade 581 bulbs then our Upgrade Indicator Bulbs range has an excellent selection of the latest upgrade (PY21W) 581 bulbs in both OE (original equipment Osram) and silver/chrome coloured bulbs that flash amber! Please click here for details

  • Direct replacement for (PY21W) 581 Amber Indicator bulbs
  • Quality LED bulbs 
  • Amber colour
  • PY21W fitting to replace the 581 Amber Indicator bulbs rated at 12V 21W
  • Completely safe to use with plastic headlight lenses
  • These bulbs are sold as a pair with two bulbs in each pack 

    581 12v 21w Amber Car Bulb Diagram

    In newer vehicles, because the wattage of the LED bulbs is so low the engine management system may say that the bulb has gone, the bulb may flash quickly or maybe not flash at all!

    If you experience this bulb failure trigger it can be easily be resolved by installing an easy to fit LED Bulb Resistor Kit, which connects in parallel to the bulb holder.

LED 581 PY21W 581 LED Indicator Bulbs
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