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Personal Breathalyser Kit - NF Approved For Driving In France

These handy breathalyser kits have a variety of uses but are COMPULSORY when driving in France and across Europe where the legal limits are sometimes very different to our own! Each pack contains 2 tests so that even if you have to use one - you still have the compulsory requirement with you in the car!

These personal breathalyser kits are handy to have as a double check in the "morning after the night before" or to make sure you are fit and proper to operate machinery, drive to work or even attend work!

France has already got a lower "drunk driving" tolerance than the UK and the French President is  introducing new legislation effectiive JULY 1st 2012 that makes it will be mandatory to carry a personal breathalyser kit in the car at all times (similar to a high viz waistcoat or warning triangle). The French are also looking at much harsher fines including confiscating and crushing cars and in some cases prison - even for foreign visitors!  This will be enforced by the Police from 1st March 2013 with on the spot fines following the completion of the legislation.
Persopnal Breathalyser Kit - NF Approved

These breathalyser kits carry a FRENCH APPROVED NF CERTIFICATE and they are set at the FRENCH limit of 50mg/100ml - THERE IS NOT a marking showing the UK limit of 80mg/100ml which is (0.8%BAC).  The markings on the picture are for guidance only to show the difference. There is ONE line on the testing tubes to make it clear and easy to use. UK Approved breathalyser kits are available on request by calling the Sales Office on 01527 908676

Breathalyser Approval - NF Approved

Please be aware that the French Limit is 50mg/100ml (0.5%BAC), considerabley less than the UK current limits.

The personal breathalyser kit takes about 2 minutes  to show your alcohol level -

Each pack contains 2 tests so that even if you have to use one - you still have the compulsory requirement with you in the car!

The personal breathalyser kit is about the size of an average cigarette packet and includes:

Two tubes, marked with the French limit
A Bag (to blow into) For each test tube
Colour verification chart to measure alcohol limit
Instructions in English & French

The bag is an integral part of the process and is used to make sure that you have a measure for the VOLUME of air blown through the tube - indeed, how could you measure the alcohol content if you could not provide a consistent amount of "breath"?

The test tube crystals will change colour and the single red line marked on the tube will show a clear result giving an indication of if the limit is reached or not.

These breathalyser kits are sold as a twin pack allowing two tests. Tests can not be reused.

If you feel you need a more frequent check on your alcohol levels then additional breathalyser products are available in digital formats and range from about £25 - well over £300 depending on your requirements.

breathalyser Blow In A Bag

Also available as part of our Euro Travel Kits - Everything you need when Driving In France or across Europe

**Please Note - Although these breathalyser products are approved for use by the French Authorities and are regularly used in thousands of applications across Europe, they are to be used as a guide only and are NOT a guarantee that you will not be subject to any kind of legal action from the local law enforcement. They are however, easy to use and give a good indication as to whether or not you should even be considering driving! The clear message is in order to be sure DO NOT have any alcohol in the run up to driving or operating machinery.

This is an unsupervised test & the user takes sole responsibility for the interpretation of the results and any decisions made thereafter. Do not use within 20 minutes of drinking.

DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE: The only safe limit is ZERO. Note Alcohol levels may rise following a test.

Personal Breathalyser Kit Twin Pack - NF Approved
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