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Osram D4S HID Xenon headlight bulb. Osram Reference 66640

This Osram D4S is a direct replacement for original Factory fit HID bulbs.

It is likely with these Osram D4S HID Car Bulbs that the colour temperature may change with age and it is recomended that they be changed in pairs to retain the best light output for your car.

This bulb is rated at 35W and has a colour temperature of 4300k - as per the original factory fir for these Osram D4S bulbs

D4S Osram Xenon HID Bulbs - 66640
Osram D4S HID Original Replacement Bulbs (Single)   £ 95.00
Osram D4S HID Original Replacement Bulbs (Pair)   £ 170.00
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