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These Four Seasons 472 H4 Xenon bulbs. These 472 H4 Four Seasons Xenon bulbs are a direct replacement for the standard fit 472 H4 Bulbs, however they provide a distinctive golden light to help inmprove visability in poor weather conditions. Thanks to the golden colour light they offer a reduction in glare and are easier on the eye in rain, snow & fog. The use of XENON gas within these 472 H4 bulbs ensures a quality light source.

Each Pack Has  FREE set of amber 501 5w sidelights included to maintain the golden colour displayed at the front of the car.

The bulbs come in a hardy plastic storage case which includes the free 501 bulbs.


  • Upgraded Brighter Four Seasons 472 H4 Four Seasons Xenon bulbs to improve visibility when driving at night and in poor weather conditions 
  • Extra Light On The Road in a distinctive golden colour
  • Direct replacement for your standard halogen 472 H4 Bulbs and can be fitted without modifications
  • Crisp and bright Xenon light which Improves the appearance of your car at night
  • iiż˝iż˝E1iiż˝iż˝ marked and TUV approved thereby passing the most stringent European Regulations for car headlight bulbs and completely legal for UK roads
  • UV protected glass to block UV rays which can damage or discolour plastic lenses
  • 472 H4 Four Seasons Xenon bulbs are supplied in a toughened polycarbonate case to ensure they reach you in perfect condition
  • 472 H4 Four Seasons Xenon headlight bulbs rated at 12V 55W
  • Sold as a pair with FREE amber sidelights (501) 5w

    four Seasons Golden Light Logo

    The Golden Bulb Colour looks like the picture below - each fitting
    has the similar coloured glass that produces the distinctive golden light.

Four Seasons Golden 472 H4 Xenon Bulbs (Free 501a)
H4 Four Seasons Twin Pack - 472 With Free Amber Sidelights   £ 14.95
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