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H3 130w High Wattage Headlight Bulbs are designed for extreme environments where powerful brighter headlights are required. These H3 130w high wattage headlight bulbs are a direct replacement for the standard fit Halogen H3 car bulbs. The H3 130w light output will give your car incredibly brighter headlights, so bright in fact that they are not street legal, however there are perfect for high performance off-road users like racing and rallying, where brighter headlights are required.

  •  H3 130w high wattage headlight bulbs designed to improve visibility for night driving where brighter headlights are required |ideal for High Performance environments like racing or rallying
  • H3 130w Bulbs are a direct replacement for your standard wattage H3 headlight bulbs
  • Improves the appearance of your car at night
  • These H3 100w high wattage headlight bulbs are UV protected to block UV rays and so are safe to use with car headlights which have plastic lenses
  • Supplied in a toughened polycarbonate case ensuring our 100w H3 bulbs reach you in perfect condition
  • H3 Bulbs rated at 12v/130w
  • Off road and show use only
H3 P489 12v 130w Headlight Bulb
H3130W (single)   £ 8.95
H3P489130W (pair)   £ 15.95
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