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433C Halogen Bulbs 12v 6w BAX9S Fitting (Offset pins)

The Autolamps Halogen 433C bulbs are top quality sidelight bulbs which produce a crisp and clear halogen light which is a great match for the latest upgrade headlight Xenon Bulbs, and they come with full E1 status and TUV approval, indicating that these 433C bulbs have passed the most rigorous European testing regime. These Halogen 433C bulbs are manufactured to strict tolerances in Germany so you know you can count on these bulbs to work first time and every time.

These 433C bulbs are direct replacement halogen bulbs and are simple and easy to fit, just take your old 433C bulbs and install these new halogen 433C bulbs in their place. Sometimes refered to as 434 bulbs

  • Direct replacement for your Halogen 433C bulbs 
  • All Autolamps bulbs are manufactured to stringent quality standards in Germany
  • These 433C bulbs have E1 status and TUV approval
  • 433C bulbs rated at 12V/6W with BAX9S fitting (Offset pins)
  • Completely safe to use with plastic headlight lenses
  • Available in singles or saver packs
    433c 12v 6w Car bulb

Halogen 433C Bulbs 12v 6w BAX9S Fitting (Offset)
433C Standard Halogen - Single Bulb   £ 4.25
433C Standard Halogen - Pack of 2 Bulbs   £ 6.50
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