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Our high visibility reflective waistcoats are "one size fits all" and it is compulsory to have one INSIDE the car (not in the boot!) for many countries throughout Europe - a sensible precaution I am sure you will agree.

We would recomend that you consider our money saving packages when buying more than one High Visability Waistcoat as it is compulsory in France that you have one available for EVERY passenger within the vehicle. this will help avoid costly on the spot fines if you do not have your reflective waistcoats with you

Our High Visability Jackets have the following features

2 Bands Of 50mm Reflective Tape Around The Body
1 Band Of 50mm Reflective Tape Over Each Shoulder
EU Standard BS EN 471: 2003 Class 2
100% Polyester
One Size Fits all - Adults (child size available)
Light and easy to carry
Approximate Dimentions W124 - 136cm  H194 - 200cm

Childrens High Viz Waistcoats from the AA are also available seperately

We also offer a Family pack of High Viz Waistcoats - Including 2 Adult & 2 Childs Waistcoats

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High Visability Reflective Waistcoat
High Viz Waistcoat (Adults) Pack of 1   £ 3.50
High Viz Waistcoat (Adults) Pack of 2   £ 7.00
High Viz Waistcoat Family Pack (2 x Adult, 2 x Child)   £ 13.00
or Call us on 01527 908676
Eligible for FREE UK SuperSaver delivery
100% Risk FREE Money Back Guarantee

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