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These new style JCASE fuses from Phoenix Auto bulbs are a female terminal design similar to the PAL fuses but only about a quarter of the size.

These next generation jcase fuses are now used in many modern cars.

They are available in two styles - standard and low profile

Standard JCASE fuses are 29mm x 14mm x 12mm and are also available in the following ratings:

20a Blue

25A White

30A Pink

50A Red

60A Yellow

Fuses are available in packs of 2 or 5 and also included in assorted packs.

JCASE 40A Standard Fuse Green
JCASE 40A Standard Fuse Green (2 pack)   £ 5.50
JCASE 40A STandard Fuse Green (5 pack)   £ 9.50
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