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This unconventional LED Bulb is one of the latest styles of the Canbus Bulbs and makes these Super Bright 566 (BAZ15D) LED bulbs one of the brightest around.


The style of the bulb is available in white only.  The fitting of the bulb is a standard fitting of a 566 (BAZ15D) bulb however the bulb size is slightly bigger than a standard bulb and actually measures:

52mm High

29mm Wide


These bulbs are ideal if you are looking for a very bright light.


Key features:


* Easy installation

* Improved Lifespan - 50,m00 hours

* Lower Power Consumption

* Brightest Light Output


The 566 LED Bright Bulb requires a very low power consumption whilst in use, this low power helps the product life to now last up to 50,000 hours, a significant improvement from your standard bulb.


566 (BAZ15D) Base

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LED 566 CREE Super Bright Bulb
LED 566 CREE Super Bright White (single)   £ 14.95
LED 566 CREE Super Bright White (pair)   £ 24.95
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