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This LED resistor kit is designed to connect in parallel with the standard sidelight bulb holders and will prevent the bulb failure warning alarms that can be caused by LED sidelight bulbs. Because LED sidelight bulbs draw considerably less power from a vehicles electrical system than normal sidelight bulbs it can cause the vehicles on board computer to think that the bulb has blown. This in turn triggers a bulb failure warning alarm on the driver's dashboard or causes the LED sidelight bulbs to flash intermittently.

By connecting this LED resistor kit in parallel with the sidelight bulb holders it will increase the power drawn through the electrical system and allow the on board computer to know that the sidelight bulbs are working perfectly. This LED resistor kit has been designed to be simple and easy to fit and, by using scotch lock connectors, completely reversible should you want to go back to your standard sidelight bulbs

To install, all you need to do is identify the two wires that supply your existing bulb holder and then using the scotch lock connectors clip the resistor kits in parallel.

One LED Resistor kit will be needed for two bulbs.


  • 2 Wired Resistors
  • 4 Scotch Lock Connectors

Resistor Kit Diagram
LED Resistor Kit
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