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Megalight Ultra Car Bulbs From GE

These BRAND NEW to the market GE branded Megalight Ultra Car Bulbs provide 120% more light on the road thanks to their special filament design and coating system compared to standard 12v halogen headlights.

GE Megalight Ultra car bulbs provides a special lighting performance based on optimisation of the filament size and brightness, utilisation of Xenon Gas and the super optimised coating.

Helps in improved driving perfomance at night with the greater illumination combined with whiter light adding safety to your driving which is ALWAYS a good thing.

These 12v 55w GE Megalight Ultra bulbs are perfectly road legal and are a straight swop for your existing Car Bulbs.

Sold as a pair in a GE Megalight Ultra pack, the bulbs are all E marked for the highest quality.

These Top Quality Car Bulbs are vailable in all main fittings to suit all cars, vans and motorcycles

Megalight Ultra Car Bulbs From GE

GE Megalight H7 Xenon 120% Brighter (Pair)
Megalight Ultra 120% Brighter H7 (Pair)   £ 20.95
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