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Osram 566 Bulbs - BAZ15D

When choosing standard replacement 566 bulbs you can do no better than fit OEM Osram 566 Bulbs. Osram is the leading manufacturer of automotive bulbs, and its classic range of standard 12v bulbs are fitted as standard by many leading automotive manufacturers to their vehicles before they leave the factory. These Osram 566 Bulbs are built to OEM standard, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and it means that these 566 bulbs are constructed from high grade materials, assemble to strict standards and rigorously tested to the strictest level.

The high quality of manufacturing and testing within this Osram 566 bulbs means that you can count on these 12v bulbs to produce convincing brightness throughout their lifespan, where the amount of light these 566 bulbs produce does not decrease over time and remains well within prescribed safety margins throughout the service life of this 566 bulbs.

  • Direct Replacement OEM Osram 566 Bulbs
  • Constructed & Tested to Strict Original Equipment Manufacturer Standards
  • All Osram 12v Bulbs carry the prestigious E1 Mark
  • These Osram 566 Bulbs are safe to use with plastic lenses
  • Osram 566 Bulbs rated at 12V/(21/4)W
  • Sold In a Pack of Ten 566 Bulbs

    566 12v 21-4w Car Bulb Diagram
  • Osram 566 Bulbs - BAZ 15D
    Osram 566 Bulbs - BAZ 15D Twin Pack of 2   £ 5.45
    Osram 566 Bulbs - BAZ 15D Pack of 10   £ 12.95
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