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These Osram D1R bulbs are high quality HID xenon bulbs that you will often find fitted as standard by many automotive manufacturers to their vehicles before they leave the factory. These Osram D1R Bulbs are built to "OEM" standard meanings they have been constructed and tested to strict "Original Equipment Manufacturer" regulations.

These Osram D1R xenon bulbs come with the prestigious E1 testing mark and are also TUV approved. They produce a light output that more closely resembles natural daylight, for better night time visibility, and have an extremely long life of around 3000 hours of use.

Thanks to the Economies of Scale that internet retailing creates we are able to offer these high quality, precision German engineered Osram D1R Bulbs at a fraction of the price that you would normally be charged by a Main Dealer Agent.

These D1R Osram bulbs are the replacement bulbs and are rated at 4300k producing the crisp white light.

  • Osram OEM HID D1R Xenon bulbs designed to replace any existing D1R bulbs
  • Extremely long service life, typically lasting over 3000 hours of use
  • Precision manufactured bulb produced in Germany by the Osram automotive lighting department.
  • 'E1' marked and TUV approved Osram bulbs which have passed the toughest European testing standards for car bulbs, and are completely road legal.
  • Ultra Violet protected glass, making these HID xenon bulbs completely safe with plastic headlight lenses
  • Osram D1R bulbs rated at 12v/35w
  • Sold as singles
Osram D1R Bulbs
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