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Osram H1 Emergency Bulb Kit Newstyle for 2010
Ease the stress of a bulb failure and stay legal when driving in Europe with the Osram H1 Spare Bulb Kit. Defects on a car usually appear on long journeys, the Osram H1 spare bulb kit saves you the trouble of searching for a suitable workshop or retail outlet to purchase replacement bulbs or fuses. With an Osram H1 spare bulb kit in your boot or glove box you can quickly fix the problem and get motoring again.

Carrying a spare bulb kit is also a legal requirement in many European Countries, including Spain, the Czech Republic and Croatia.


  • Carrying of a spare bulb kit is a legal requirement in many European Countries
  • Supplied in a toughened polycarbonate case
  • Comes complete with Headlight bulb, Sidelight bulbs, Indicator bulbs, Brake light Bulbs, and a range of fuses
  • Ideal for the Glove box or Boot
  • Osram Original Equipment "OE" Quality
  • UV protected bulbs which are safe to use with plastic headlight lenses


  • Osram (448) H1 Halogen Bulb
  • Osram (PY21W) 581 Amber Indicator Bulb
  • Osram (P21/5W) 380 Stop/Tail Bulb
  • Osram (P21W) 382 Stop and Tail Light
  • Osram (R5W) 207 Sidelight Bulb
  • Osram (W5W) 501 Sidelight Bulb
  • 15A Fuse
  • 20A Fuse
  • 30A Fuse
The replacement car bulb kit from OSRAM is available in the main bulb types H1, H4, and H7. In addition to the main headlight bulb, it contains five bulbs for the signal lamps as well. As a technical guide, the box also indicates which box is required for what car, and an application illustration assigns the proper lamp to all lighting outlets. Thanks to the innovative packaging from OSRAM, the box measures only 12x8x5 cm and can easily be stored in the boot or stowed away on a motorbike, it includes three blade style fuses (15 A, 20 A, and 30 A) to complete the replacement part kit for an emergency.
Osram H1 Spare Bulb Kit NEW STYLE
Osram Travel Kit H1 Single   £ 10.95
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