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This Osram H15 Car Headlight Bulb, 12v 15/55w (64176) bulb is the latest in Osram technology with full details from Osram below.

Available in singles or pairs with free next day delivery.

Currently used on the Mk1V Golf. Osram branded and boxed

H15 Car Headlight Bulb from Osram 64176 12v 15-55w

OSRAM SNAPINLITE provides carmakers with a simple way to meet the need to change headlight lamps more easily. The new base system allows lamps to be changed with just one hand movement. All it takes is a quarter turn for a lamp with OSRAM SNAPINLITE to snap into place and connect with the electrical contacts at the same time. There is no need to connect cables or do any more to secure the unit in the narrow engine compartment. The system is effective in practice too – lamps from OSRAM’s SNAPINLITE range are already installed in the Golf VI and the all-electric Tesla Roadster, for example.

System of the future

To comply with ECE regulation R-48, since August 2006 headlight lamps in cars with new type approval must be installed in such a way that the light source can be replaced using the manual’s instructions and the vehicle toolkit. OSRAM’s SNAPINLITE provides a simple and safe solution. It is already in successful use in the current sixth generation VW Golf. The front lights include OSRAM H15 dual filament lamps, which assume the full beam and daytime running light functions and are fitted with a SNAPINLITE base. In the Tesla Roadster electric car an H9B with OSRAM’s SNAPINLITE takes care of the full beam. With the H8B, H9B, H11B and H15 halogen lamps as part of OSRAM’s SNAPINLITE range the appropriate lighting solutions are available for all modern headlamp functions, which give OEM the opportunity to develop application-friendly lamps.

Osram H15 12v 15-55w (Mark6 Golf)
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