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These are the brand new Off Road bulb from Osram - The Cool Blue Hyper 5000k

Away from public roads, these Osram Cool Blue Hyper Rally lamps offer additional relaibility and brightness to a wide range of vehicles with the added benefit of coming direct  from a major manufacturer.

With a wide range of potential uses to industries including:

Construction, transport, agriculture, rescue services and forestry would all see a benefit with these bulbs use away from the public highway.

These Osram Cool Blue Hyper are available in 4 fittings as below

H1 (448) - 55w
H3 (453) - 70w
H4 (4720 - 60-55w
H7 (499) - 55w

Approved "E" marked bulbs offering upgrades and additional light are available as Osram Nightbreaker (90% additional brighter white light) and the Osram Cool Blue range offering a crisp blue light with an additional 20% brighter beam.

See the "E" approved  range of Osram Nightbreaker PLUS here

See the "E" approved range of Osram Cool Blue here

**Please note these bulbs are sold as OFF ROAD ONLY and do not have "E" approval.

Osram Hyper Cool Blue 5000K - H3 453 12v 55w Bulb
Osram Cool Blue Hyper Off Road H3 453
Osram Cool Blue HYPER H3 (Duo Pack)   £ 17.95
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