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These are the brand new Off Road bulb from Osram - The Cool Blue Hyper 5000k

Away from public roads, these Osram Cool Blue Hyper Rally lamps offer additional relaibility and brightness to a wide range of vehicles with the added benefit of coming direct  from a major manufacturer.

With a wide range of potential uses to industries including:

Construction, transport, agriculture, rescue services and forestry would all see a benefit with these bulbs use away from the public highway.

These Osram Cool Blue Hyper are available in 4 fittings as below

H1 (448) - 55w
H3 (453) - 70w
H4 (4720 - 60-55w
H7 (499) - 55w

Approved "E" marked bulbs offering upgrades and additional light are available as Osram Nightbreaker (90% additional brighter white light) and the Osram Cool Blue range offering a crisp blue light with an additional 20% brighter beam.

See the "E" approved  range of Osram Nightbreaker PLUS here

See the "E" approved range of Osram Cool Blue here

**Please note these bulbs are sold as OFF ROAD ONLY and do not have "E" approval.

Osram Cool Blue Hyper H4 Car Bulbs
Osram Cool Blue Hyper Off Road H4 472
COOL BLUE HYPER H4 - Duo Pack   £ 17.95
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