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Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H1 have been designed to produce up to 110% more light in the road in comparison to a standard halogen bulb. This brand new bulb designed by Osram is set to be the best designed headlight bulb they have produced with the most up to date technology and taken the bulb to its  limit to produce this outstanding bulb.

Key Features of the Night Breaker Unlimited:

  • Up to 110% more light on the road a big improvement from the Night Breaker plus bulbs. More light will help to illuminate up to 50-75 metres on the road therefore improving safety.
  • Up to 35 metres longer light beam improving visibility and allowing hazards along the road ahead to be seen sooner giving you more time to react.
  • 20% whiter light reducing eye strain and making night driving more comfortable and safer for you and other road users.
  • Up to 50% improved bulb lifetime over other Osram standard bulbs


Bulb Specification:

* H1 fitting

* 12v

* 55w

* Road Legal






Osram Night Breaker Unlimited (448) H1
Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H1 (pair)   £ 24.00
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