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The P481 H1 12v 100w is a high wattage headlight/spotlight bulb which are a  higher intense wattage then the standard bulbs we sell.  The incredible high wattage beam pattern results in a crisp, sharp light that is closer to daylight.  Due to the extreme high wattage output these H1 100w bulbs they are not street legal, however high wattage headlight bulbs makes an excellent choice for High Performance users including sport and rally drivers.




  • H1 100w producing a powerful and intense white high wattage beam output
  • H1 100w high wattage headlight bulbs are ideal for sport and rally drivers
  • All wattage bulbs are UV Protected and so are suitable for vehicles with plastic lenses
  • H1 Bulbs rated at 100w/12v
  • Sold as a pair
  • Bulbs are sold for off road and show use only are not street legal, however they are an excellent choice for high performance users including sport and rally drivers.
H1 P481 100w 12v
H1 P481 100w 12 (single)   £ 8.95
H1 P481 100w 12v (pair)   £ 14.95
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