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These fantastic looking PW24W LED Cree Canbus Bulbs with the latest technology, are a perfect upgrade if your looking for a fresher, crisper light for your Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) or indicators.  These high power LED's offer super performance, they flash a bright white colour which is far crisper and more defined than any normal incandescent bulb.  What's more, they are designed not cause any canbus errors that you might normally find when LED's are used.


Key Features *   Long lifetime

                       *   Easy installation with existing socket

                       *    Low wattage 

                        *   Power saving ultra bright LED

                        *   Saving 80% energy than standard incandescent lamp

                        *   No UV or IR radiation

                        *   Built in Canbus which prevent errors

                        *   Plug-and-play

                        *   Professionally manufactured

                        *   Instant on/off

                        *   LED available in amber or white


Common Applications:  BMW



                                      Landrover and more


PW24W 50w 12v LED Cree Canbus Bulbs
PW24W White (single)   £ 16.95
PW24W Amber (single)   £ 18.95
PW24W White (pair)   £ 29.95
PW24W Amber (pair)   £ 33.95
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