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501 Extreme White Upgrade Sidelight Bulbs - (W5W) 501 12v 5w

These Extreme White 501 upgrade bulbs are top quality car bulbs and are an ideal match for your xenon or HID upgrade car headlight bulbs.

These Extreme White 501 12v 5w sidelight car bulbs are direct replacement bulbs and are ideal if you do not want to use the alternative upgrades of LED car bulbs to make a brighter light and "lose" the yellow effect that can be caused once you have upgraded your car headlight bulbs to Xenon or HID.

Although the bulb itself has a blue colour the light produced is a crisp white light and is produced with the inclusion of Xenon gas to help produce the whiter light.


  • Direct replacement for your standard 501 car bulbs
  • TheseExtreme White 501 car bulbs provide a crisp white light 
  • These 501 (W5W) bulbs are rated at at 12V/5W
  • Completely safe to use with plastic headlight lenses
  • 2 Bulbs in Each Pack
501 Extreme White Sidelight Bulbs (W5W) (Pair)
501 Extreme White Blister Pack of 2   £ 7.75
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