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Are you planning a trip or holiday abroad?  Are you properly equipped and are you legal?

Driving in France and Europe comes with legal requirements for equipment you MUST carry in your vehicle.  Even though the laws have been in place for some time, some drivers are still unaware of the items they have to carry by law.

Since 2008 the motoring law in France and Europe require you to carry a warning triangle and reflective jackets not just for the driver but for all passengers including children travelling in the vehicle, in Spain you are required to carry two triangles, one for the front and one for the rear of you vehicle, the jackets must be carried inside the car and not in the boot.

Introduced in 2013 was the new law by the French government that you must also carry an NF Approved Breathalyser (always check the expiry date on these!) along with this and your jackets and triangle you must have in position on the rear of your vehicle a GB plate to show the country of registration of your vehicle.  A spare bulb kit must be available in case of a blown exterior light, a blown bulb can result on an on the spot fine if you are stopped (fines must be paid in cash in the local currency to the arresting officer as you may run the risk of your vehicle being impounded until paid).  Your headlamps need to be adapted with a set of beam deflectors as UK vehicle headlamps dazzle French motorists, these have to be in place both day and night.

Although not compulsory a couple of other useful items which are strongly advised is a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit as The European Good Samaritan Law states the a driver must be able to stop and provide assistance in the event of an accident., also a many drivers place a Drive Right sticker to there windscreen to help them drive on the correct side of the road, a speedo convertor is also useful as you have to drive in 'kph' not 'mph', this helps you convert the speedo readings and insures you drive at the correct speed when driving in Europe.

Always remember to be prepared and always check what equipment is required as it varies between countries in Europe, remember to check your equipment for expiry dates, as failure to comply with the legal requirements may result in extreme penalties and fines, also check your insurance policy as failure to follow these laws can sometimes result in your insurance policy being void, so always read the small print.

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