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The Xenon headlight bulbs require no vehicle modifications to install. They are a direct replacement for your existing bulbs. All replacement Xenon bulbs are road legal. Plus, they are all 'E' marked. There is a wide variety of Xenon Bulbs available on the market.

Owing to their various advantages, Xenon bulbs are becoming more and more popular these days. Xenon Bulbs emit a dazzling bright light, making driving at night a pleasurable experience. For clear lens upgrades, there are silver indicators and side repeater bulbs for complimenting your lighting.

They are one of the most popular styling upgrades available. Basically, the Xenon replacement bulbs can be halogen bulbs filled with extra xenon gas. The extra xenon gas, combined with better filament technology, gives a powerful light output. Replacing your factory-fitted headlight bulbs with Xenon bulbs is perfectly legal.

Xenon bulbs can be fitted in any car or vehicle manufactured after 1980. You do not have to modify your car or bike as the Xenon bulbs work on the same power ratings as standard or ordinary halogen bulbs. Xenon bulbs are available in 2 different styles: the ones designed for maximum light output and the other geared towards style.
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