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Generally, all the Xenon D2R Bulbs can only be installed in vehicles that already have fitted D2R Bulbs (as part of a HID lighting system). The ABS HID D2R Xenon Bulbs produce a white and powerful light. This light is almost 3x greater and more powerful than the one produced by standard halogen headlight bulbs. These specific bulbs have an extremely long life - around 3000 hours, and yet they do not consume a lot of power. One of their most dominant features is their crisp white light which vastly improves visibility while driving at night. This powerful light enables the driver to see all the road signs and markings clearly whilst making driving a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Apart from that, they are a direct and exact replacement for standard factory-fitted Xenon D2R Bulbs. The ABS HID D2R Xenon Bulbs are all 'E1' marked as well as TUV approved. This means that they have passed the strict European Testing Regulations and are thus legal for use on UK roads. Due to their light output of 4100K, they have a colour temperature that resembles natural daylight. The ABS HID D2R Xenon Bulbs are perfectly suitable for use on vehicles with plastic headlight lenses since they are all UV protected.
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