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If you are fed up replacing your car headlights regularly, switch to Xenon bulbs and experience the difference. Car headlights are very important as far as driving safety is concerned. A vehicle should always be equipped with best headlights as it is essential to be able to see clearly during night driving conditions.

Xenon bulbs are a good replacement for halogen bulbs. Xenon bulbs have a number of advantages over halogen bulbs. There are several advantages of Xenon bulbs over halogen bulbs as follows:

Xenon bulbs are more efficient than halogen bulbs and consume less energy.
Xenon bulbs provide up to three times more light than halogen bulbs and hence are much brighter than halogen bulbs.
Xenon bulbs provide much improved vision as compared to halogen bulbs.
Xenon bulbs have a longer life in comparison with halogen bulbs.

Xenon bulbs are available at an affordable price and can be easily installed. Xenon bulbs provide a stress-free driving experience. The majority of cars have halogen headlights when they are delivered from the factory. Halogen lamps are not as efficient as Xenon bulbs and consume more power. Also they do not provide adequate light.
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