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It is hard to deny that the light produced and emitted by Xenon Bulbs is powerful. Moreover, factory-fitted halogen headlight bulbs are really becoming an issue nowadays - a driver cannot rely on them. With Xenon bulbs, however, you can freely enjoy driving, without having to worry about potential hazards or risks.

The light produced by Xenon Bulbs can be of two types:

low-intensity light (covers a wider area)
high-intensity light (covers a larger area)

However, that's not all. Xenon Bulbs have numerous advantages over standard halogen headlight bulbs. For instance, factory-fitted halogen bulbs contain argon. Therefore, it is a scientific fact: a bulb filled with argon allows heat to pass through quite easily. This means that the life of a standard halogen headlight bulb is utterly short. In contrast to standard halogen headlight bulbs, the Xenon Bulbs last much longer.

Furthermore, the overall atomic size of xenon as a gas is more or less greater than that of argon, meaning that xenon (as a gas) can easily send back electrons to the tungsten filament.

Xenon Bulbs are also known for their use of a thicker filament - this use of a thicker filament tends to increase the longevity of the bulb.
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