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Xenon bulbs are known for their brighter, whiter light and longevity. There has been a surge in demand for Xenon bulbs for their obvious benefits. In fact, along with the increasing demand and growing user base, there has even been a corresponding surge in the number of brands and manufacturers offering the ingenious product.

The higher version, known as HID Xenon lasts for 3,000 hours and are even 300% brighter than halogen bulbs. But many customers hesitate to install xenon bulbs as they think it is not easy to install them. The other reason for customer hesitance is that they are not easily available in local shops, certainly not at competitive prices. Some people even think that xenon bulbs can only be fitted on BMWs and the Landrovers.

In reality, xenon bulbs have been successfully installed on many cars across the globe. Xenon bulb owners will vouch for their quality and output. You can even get HID Kits to add HID Xenon headlights to cars other than BMWs and Landrovers. But it is always advisable to check your user manual of the vehicle you own. If you are still confused, consult an expert.
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