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If you want to have much brighter and whiter lights emitted for your car headlights, it is high time that you switched from your regular halogen headlights to Xenon headlights. Xenon bulbs are filled with Xenon gas that gives a brighter, whiter light. This happens without increasing the wattage of the bulb.

The wondrous xenon bulbs have become a popular car accessory across a large base of car owners, not just the top end cars that originally came with Xenon headlights. But in recent time s a lot of customers have been wary about xenon bulbs owing to some doubts that surround their legality. Many customers believe that xenon bulbs and headlights are illegal, which is completely wrong. In fact, xenon bulbs bought from authentic vendors are perfectly legal. However, customers should take care about a few things before they buy xenon lights:

Buy the xenon bulbs or HID xenon bulbs from an branded retailer
Look for the manufacturing date
Look out for an 'E' mark showing the product meets ECE Regulation 37. All bulbs should have the mark, it's mandatory.

You can find the high quality bulbs from credible online resources quite easily. And do remember, Xenon bulbs are legal and effective.
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