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ABS (499) Cobalt Blue H7 Xenon Bulbs by Autolamps have been award winning 3 years in a row by Auto Express magazine for BEST BUY Budget ‘HID-effect’ bulb, but the question on many motorist minds are why?  Well Autolamps have managed to produce a bulb that bigger brands came close to but can not match the performance but definitely cant beat the price.  The bulb has been design with a coating on the glass in a blue tinge to give  a high performing xenon light with a bright glow.  Some might say you only get what you pay for and with the price there is no way they can compete with the larger named brands and that they seem to cheap to be any good but they really do seem to stand up to the test as they are made from UV protected glass to block UV rays which can damage or discolour the plastic lenses, they also produce up to 50% more light than a standard bulb, the bulbs are a direct replacement fitting making them easy to fit, the xenon gas that they are filled with gives off a very distinctive glow producing a brighter light that is similar to the output of and HID Xenon,they are also E1 marked TUV approved and completely road legal in Europe.  The bulb can be used as dipped beam headlight, main beam headlight or a fog light, they also come with two blue 501 in handy small plastic box making it easier to carry in you vehicle in case of a bulb failure and with the easy fitting you can fit them yourself without the cost of putting you vehicle into a garage.  You would think that a bulb being so cheap that you will get a dull yellowish light but they really do produce a fantastic white bright glow with a slight blue tinge in them giving you an all round great high performance upgraded bulb.


Autolamps really do seem to have produced a good quality but cheap bulb which is good news to motorist who don't want to pay a lot for an upgraded bulb but want the look of an expensive bulb, they are a very popular bulb and have proven with there reviews that they really do deserve the awards that it has received, they are all motorists want - a small lighting makeover for there vehicle at a fraction of the price with peace of mind that they will last and are reliable and also give there vehicle a fantastic look.

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