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Ever wanted to improve your cars lighting, something brighter, crisper but with an extra long life?  Why not try an LED bulb, they have progressed in many ways of the years, giving added benefits over a standard halogen bulb.  LED's (Light Emitting Diode) are available as option in most if not all bulbs needed in your car, anything from interior, side lights, brakes to your headlights and fog lights.  LED's are made up using the latest in SMD technology with each SMD giving you a crisper, brighter light.  All LED bulbs use less power than a standard bulb but offer you a much brighter light which if in a headlight overs you a much clear light in the dark winter nights or your reversing lights when in a poorly lit area and finding it hard to reserve but you need to take some factors into consideration before you decide to change - most newer cars are fitted with a canbus wiring system which when a bulb is blown the system will recognise that the resistance is less than it should be and with an LED bulb operating at less than 1w its send a signal to your dashboard to indicate that a bulb is blown so you need to make sure you purchase then correct bulb as if this happens in your vehicle you need a canbus ready LED which is fitted with a resistor and not a normal LED or you can buy a resistor kit to adapt a normal one.  Some of  the LED bulbs are bigger and may not fit in the allocated space.  Also there is a very small percentage of vehicle that LED's don't work in.

The positive's certainly out way the negatives, LED's are known to last up to 50,000 hours meaning fewer bulb changes and they use less than 1w which makes them a greener bulb, they are easy to fit as the fittings are a direct replacement for the standard bulb but make sure you have the bulb is fitted the correct way as some bulbs rely on reflectors to distribute the light but most bulbs are now 360 degrees. 

LED's are now available in many bulbs and usually offered in a variety of colours and are available in 6, 12 or 24V, the technology in these bulbs has improved vastly over the years and still are giving us a more robust longer serving bulb but with the latest technology giving us an excellent choice of light.

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