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Are you as conscientious about your car's windscreen wipers as you are about your car's engine? If not, then you should be. Car safety is, first and foremost, a critical concern for every car driver. Basically, worn and inefficient wiper blades can be very dangerous. This is because 90% of your driving decisions are based on a clear, unobstructed view of the road. It is therefore a crucial safety concern that your vehicle's windscreen wipers provide you with the cleanest windscreen possible. This means that driving with worn, broken or ineffective windscreen wipers is extremely risky and dangerous - especially if you are driving in rainy, snowy, or even foggy weather. It is common knowledge that airborne contaminants, oil, sunlight and dirt all act to weaken and reduce your wiper blades' ability to keep your view unobstructed. In addition, the exposure to sunlight can, over time, cause your car's windscreen wiper blades to age, even if they are not used much. Sunlight can especially damage the wipers' rubbers - so it is always advisable to garage your car. In general, weather plays a critical and very important role in the deterioration of your car's windscreen wiper blades. So, all in all, it's important that you are aware of the importance regarding car wiper blades and the impact weather has on them. Keeping all that in mind, you should regularly replace your car wiper blades.
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