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Have you been having a bit of trouble with your car windscreen wipers lately? If so, then are your car wipers working very slowly and scraping on the window when you need them most? Are they producing awfully ear-piercing sounds? Well, that might be a sign that your car wiper blades need replacing. However, if they happen to be reasonably new, it could just mean that your wipers need cleaning. There may be a problem with the wipers themselves and the motor, but this is less likely unless they are only working intermittently.

With car enthusiasts it's common knowledge that car windscreen wipers must be cleaned regularly in order for them to function correctly. Therefore, it's highly unlikely that an extremely dirty or worn set of car wipers will wipe and clean your windscreen in either good or bad weather. You won't be able to see the road clearly unless they are clean and working efficiently.

In order to see the road through an impeccably clean windscreen, you must clean your car windscreen wiper blades a bit more frequently. When cleaning them, what you should focus on is the blades' rubbers. That's where all the dirt from your windscreen tends to remain after the wipers have done their job of wiping.

Try to think of cleaning your wipers as a routine. Your car windscreen wiper blades need cleaning in order to clean. If you don't clean them regularly, you may end up driving with an even dirtier windscreen.
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