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Experts say that sunlight can severely harden a car's windscreen wiper blades. Therefore, if you have left your car in a specific parked position for too long, without using them, your car's windscreen blades are likely to get stuck to the screen, as leaving them unused for quite a long while can seriously affect the wipers' rubber.

Add to that the muck from the road and the chemicals from a car wash, well then, it's no surprise if your car's windscreen wiper blades eventually start to chatter, judder or skip when you use them.

Occasionally, you will find that the margins of the area swept by your car's windscreen wiper blades are not entirely wiped, and some water and muck remains on your screen, which can be really disturbing, as well as irritating. Yet, it can be due to a lessening of the pressure exerted by the wiper on a windscreen, or perhaps, although less normally, due to a specific problem with the wiper linkage.

In some cases, you can also get 'wind lift', which is in fact what happens when the car's windscreen wiper blades partially part contact from the screen. Thereby, if you experience this, or anything similar, it may be possible to cure this problem by fitting new windscreen wiper blades, or perhaps, alternatively, you'll probably need to get the wiper arms inspected.

Keep in mind: Damaged windscreen wiper blades can restrict your view of the road.
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