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Why choose Xenon bulbs? First, it is the crisp white light that makes them unique. The Xenon Bulb is filled with gas (instead of halogen) and thus it produces brighter and much whiter light, brighter by up to 90%.

When a new car leaves the factory it is usually fitted with standard bulbs filled with halogen gas. These bulbs can easily be upgraded to bulbs of exactly the same specifications - but instead of halogen, they contain xenon gas. Thus, these bulbs have a precision designed filament (the metal coil within the glass bulb). The combination of xenon gas and precision filament means that the bulb burns brighter and produces a crisp white light - unlike standard halogen headlight bulbs, which burn an abominable yellowish colour. The Xenon bulbs are completely legal for use on UK roads and require no modifications or changes to the headlights in order to be fitted.

Xenon Bulbs are designed for maximum light output. You should certainly consider Xenon Bulbs for your car headlights - powerful headlights are a must for safe driving at night.
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