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It is common knowledge that the nozzle of your car's windscreen wipers can clog up occasionally. This can be a potentially hazardous situation, but basically it is very easy to fix, either at home in your garage or when at the side of the road. However, before you start fixing it, it is very important that you first make sure the wipers' fluid is filled.

Then, you should identify the clogged nozzle. As soon as you find it, you should also determine whether the clog is in the nozzle or in the line 'feeding' the nozzle. If one of the two nozzles is clogged, it proves that the nozzle is not in line. Push the tube from the can of air against the nozzle and give it a blast until you hear the wiper fluid start to bubble.

Having done all that, you then ought to try the wipers - the chances are, at this point they will definitely work. However, if all this doesn't work, then use the screwdriver and pliers to remove the tube from the bottom of the nozzle assembly. Ultimately, you may need to replace the nozzle assembly too.

But don't worry it shouldn't cost you a lot - only a few pounds and a few minutes of your time. As for installing a brand new nozzle assembly, it is all very easy. It simply snaps into place in the hood of your car. All in all, it is easy to do yourself. If you have any problems with the windscreen wipers themselves and they aren't cleaning the window properly, then you may need to invest in a new set of wiper blades.
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