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Most vehicles are normally fitted with standard halogen headlight bulbs when they leave the manufacturers factory, however not many drivers realise that it is possible to replace them with much brighter upgrade versions. These high performance xenon bulbs use xenon gas to allow them to burn hotter and brighter and they will significantly improve the light emitted from your headlights. Replacement xenon bulbs have a considerable advantage over ordinary headlight bulbs in terms of brightness, crispness and quality of light they produce. In fact, the very latest upgrade xenon bulbs produce nearly twice as much light as halogen, making upgrading to xenon lights a considerable advantage in terms of safety and pleasure while driving.Replacement xenon bulbs look almost identical to their halogen counterparts and so they are extremely easy to install. Simply swap them round with your current headlight bulbs, and because they will fit your vehicles existing bulb holders there is no need to make any modifications or cut any wires. One other important aspect is that these upgrade car bulbs are completely safe and legal to use on public roads.An important tip to know when fitting your new xenon headlight bulbs is to ensure that you do not handle the bulbs with your bare hands, this is because the natural oil produced by skin can leave a residue if your fingers touch the glass bulb. This grease causes the glass to overheat and can lead to the bulb blowing sooner than expected, so it is a good idea to wear latex gloves when changing them.There are number of different brands of xenon headlight bulbs available, from all of the major car bulb manufacturers including Philips, Osram or Ring. Some xenon bulbs are designed for maximum light output whilst other are designed to give your lights a stylish blue tint, so all you need to do is choose the appropriate type that suits your car lights requirements.Once you have seen the benefits and appeal of upgrading your car lights to xenon then you are only limited by your budget and imagination. Interior lights, number plate lights, fog lights and even sidelight bulbs can all be upgraded to look more stylish and produce more light.Your car is your pride and joy and you want it to look its best day and night, so whilst fitting new alloy wheels, a powerful stereo or a new spoiler can be important, don't forget that upgrading your car lights with the latest xenon bulbs car be just as effective. They are relatively inexpensive but will make a big difference to your cars appearance and will be sure to attract some admiring glances.
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