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Xenon bulbs can be purchased as replacements for most vehicles' existing factory-fitted halogen headlight bulbs. The benefits of upgrading your existing bulbs to xenon is that they emit a much brighter light - up to 90% brighter and up to 20 metres further out from your vehicle than standard halogen headlight bulbs, making driving at night safer. Instead of sticking to your current factory-fitted halogen headlight bulbs, you can choose an appropriate brand from the wide array of xenon bulbs that are available.

Many cars can accommodate xenon bulbs and assuming yours can, you can even fit them yourself as it is not dangerous. However, be careful because no matter how clean your hands, if you touch the glass section you will leave a certain amount of grease. When in use, this patch will become a hot spot, which can end up causing the bulb to blow much sooner than it should. These bulbs usually last for 350-400 hours. These xenon bulbs, the Osram Night Breaker for example, are all rated at 55 watts.

All in all, xenon bulbs are ideal when driving in bad weather conditions.
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