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Car wipers are one of those things you can sometimes take for granted. At least, until you need them and they aren't working right, or not working at all. For that reason, it is crucial that you keep your car's windscreen wipers in top form - particularly in order to be ready for the time you will really need them, in bad weather conditions or to clean the dirt from your windscreen.

Basically, if you turn on your car wipers and see that they aren't working properly, or if they aren't working the way they should be working and clearing the rain from your windscreen, then there are several things you can check so as to identify and solve the problem. The first and most important rule however, is to be safe: While driving on the road, if you turn on your car's windscreen wipers and see that they aren't cleaning your windscreen so that you can see the road clearly, what you should do is to consider getting new windscreen wiper blades for your car as soon as possible.

You need to do a check to find out what the problem is first. So, if you've tried to turn on your car's wipers and neither one of them came on then it's very possible you've blown a fuse. Check your car's fuse box and see if you can locate the exact fuse that controls your car wipers. Having located the fuse, what you should do is to replace it with a fuse of the very same rating for your make of vehicle.
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