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Does your vehicle have standard factory fitted halogen car bulbs? If your answer is yes, then you are most probably aware of how inefficient and ineffective they are. Standard halogen car bulbs produce a poor, dim light that throws little light on the road. When you're driving in pitch black conditions, such as on country roads or on long stretches of motorway that don't have any lights, the light produced by halogen car bulbs can make it very difficult to see.

This means that you'll be straining your eyes trying to stay awake as you drive, which is very dangerous to yourself and other motorists, as you could easily fall asleep and crash your car.

This can be avoided however if you replace your inferior standard halogen car bulbs with the superior, and much brighter, Xenon bulbs. Xenon bulbs are up to 300% (up to three times) brighter than standard halogen car bulbs. This means that you're able to see much more of the road at night and the obstacles up ahead, without the worry of straining your eyes too much.

Xenon bulbs both look better on your car, and make it safer for you to drive at night.
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